Small Town Junk

We're avid collectors of Antiques & Beautiful things. We love to bring life and serenity into homes with bits and pieces of the past. "Putting History Back into Homes" -Us

Magnolia Pearl


The story of us

It just took one Junk buying expedition to turn my husband and I into complete antique junkies. 

We started 9 years ago and have been driven by the amazing pieces we have come across and sold. We feel as if we're contributing to your happiness when we bring back to life these hidden gems. We have 6 lovely children and we do all of this for them and who am I kidding when you love what you do, it turns work into a Dream.

“Putting History Back Into Homes” is our motto 

About Us

Brad & Jess Greene


We're curators of the past, we love what we do. We love bringing your soul happiness with just a click to purchase to buy bits and pieces of our nations history. Not just home decor, jewels of the past that come with a story and life. Antique buying is not just a fad it's a lifestyle.